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Annie Harris

....you have no shortcoming to forgive!!! Your family just needs "a soul restoration"!!!


You DID do all you could do. You tried and you tried to make her mother accountable. It is not your fault or your husband's fault that this child has the mental illness that she does. How could she be normal being born into a family like her parents? You most assuredly did the right thing for you by choosing YOUR children and your family. Don't feel guilty. Try to find the brightness that was once that room and give it back to your son and yourselves. There are so many people who have your back. HUGS

Samie Kira

Before this past year, I never knew how hard it was to live with someone with mental illness. It changes you and makes you face deep parts of yourself you never knew existed, I am, by nature, the kind of person who wants to help everyone, and can be stubborn when things get tough,

One of the truths I've learned over the past year is this: making that call, speaking out, and deciding to put your health and happiness and safety first does NOT equal failure.

Dear darling, there was nothing you could do. That poor girl was haunted by her own mind and memories of a terribly violent past. I know you wish you could have loved her deep enough to help, because that's how I feel. But there is literally nothing you could do. When it comes to your family's safety, you must do whatever you can to protect them.

I could go on. I'm always here to talk. I've gone through a lot of what you're talking about here, if you ever need an understanding ear. Just know you did not fail, you have nothing to be ashamed of, and that I'm so proud of you for taking this first step towards healing. Xoxo


Such a harrowing experience but also a testament to your strong family unit. So happy you are opening the door, cleaning out the cobwebs and restoring that room. Blessings to all of you. xoxo

Amanda Davie

teary eyed--and grateful -thank you for sharing this story. I truly hope you and your family can find some healing in cleaning up this space and making it loved and lived in once again!! light and love-amanda

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