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So true, so true. I love your heart. We are who we are because we have survived the past and embrace the future. Life will always have some kind of stuff. Just think of how boring it would be without it. But the glass is always half full!


So true and wonderful!

Dawn Sokol

That's accept...

Dawn Sokol

I agree with this. I've been through rough times, but I TRY to see the good while I'm down. It helps to pull me through. What gets me are those who—every time you see them—always have issues and have to dominate the conversation with those issues. And whenever you try to offer suggestions, they have excuses for why they can't do this or that...*SIGH* I've realized there is ALWAYS a way to work through something. You can't just lie down and except the crap...

kelly lish

That was a wonderful post Jen, and oh so true. Thank you for sharing! I wish you all the best and lots of happy happy days! xo

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